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Galerie d'Art
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[GALLAND FRAGAL Francoise] - [Friday 25th, May 2018]

Oil Painting Reproductions, Portraiture,
https:/ /
Hello , this is what we do at The Worlds Artist. We specialize in hand painted oil painting reproductions on canvas, by famous artists found in art museums worldwide. Also, we are experts in per the-worlds-artist-oil-painting-reproductions-logo.png sonal portrait oil painting from photographs, pet portraits and horse portraits. We have helped thous...
[al mann] - [Art site] - [Monday 27th, November 2017]

Contemporary American Art
Contemporary realistic representational oil paintings of seascapes, landscapes, and still life’s by internationally known artist Katalin Luczay. Artworks are also offered at As professional copies, on different surfaces.
[Katalin Luczay] - [Art site] - [Tuesday 14th, November 2017]

Oil painting Lessons
Oil Painting lessons by Renso castaneda
[renso] - [Art site] - [Sunday 20th, November 2016]

Alumni Weekend, CCA , Calif College of Arts, Oakland, Calif Usa weisburd
CCA.California College of the Arts, Alumni Weekend, November 12-13, 2016, Oakland and San Francisco , Calif. USA. Chairperson, Harry Weisburd, Alumni Association . Painting: The Accident by Harry Weisburd, Watercolor 11 in w x 14 in h.
[Harry Weisburd ] - [Site links] - [Wednesday 26th, October 2016]

Chairperson, California College Arts, Alumni Assoc Oakland, San Francisco weisburd
Harry Weisburd has been appointed the Chairperson , Alumni Association, California College of the Arts. Oakland, California for Alumni & Family Weekend November, 12 & 13, 2016.
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art News] - [Thursday 22nd, September 2016]

Sharon Shen’s paintings 1SvpHDt
Shen Yun Fan born in 1964 in Beijing. In 2000 started learning painting, now studying in China famous painter He Daqiao’s painting studio. Works have been sold to Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Australia and China. Artist draws mostly people, sometimes in an erotic context. People in the paintings of the artist look ama...
[ArtsCad manager] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 21st, April 2016]

Marco Wilme’s paintings 1R06BVf
Marco Wilme is very talented Italian artist, born in Galliate (Novara) on May 11, 1979. His paintings are unique and really recognizable. He manages to combine the colors softly and smoothly, forming a beautiful and light forms. In his works are often dominated a single color, interspersed with another one or several colors. If you want to decorate...
[Anna] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 17th, March 2016]

Artworks of Painter Artist Jean-Christophe Giesbert
Jean-Christophe Giesbert born in Marseilles 9 October 1965. Author of a hundred poems and a first book of fables. Creator of modern graphic works mingled with poetry, "Lyrographies". In these works, the lyrical interacts with the graphics that complement new way. Female beauty and the beauty of the world around is his inspiration. Jean-Christophe G...
[Lily] - [Wednesday 9th, March 2016]

Art, expression and freedom
On I'm writing about Art, Artists, the way to reach freedom throught the Art and the role that Art plays in the Society. I know the italian painter Maddalena Tiblissi (Medea) who is on your website. I wrote an interview about her and I'll soon write other articles. I already displaied your logo and your link on my site, on the ...
[Luz Marina] - [Art site] - [Monday 22nd, February 2016]
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[Luz Marina Aguzzoli] - [Art site] - [Tuesday 16th, February 2016]

AGRASSO’s paintings 1LdyoNg
AGRASSO is very talented self-taught painter. This day, main topic that AGRASSO explores in artworks is the human face and the female face especially. This choice expresses his true interest for the human being, human expressions, feelings, interiority. But this topic is also and especially a pretext in a research on colors, subjects. AGRASSO’s wor...
[Lisa] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 8th, February 2016]

Sylviane Petit’s paintings
Sylviane Petit was born in 1948 in a Charentais village, draw and paint since childhood. The main themas of paintings - still-life, poppies, violets, sunflowers, also Venice and its carnival, landscapes, animals. All artworks of artist are very bright, colorful and have soul. She enjoys painting still life on canvas and wood. Look at the picture an...
[Chloe] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 27th, January 2016]

Kellianne O'Brien’s paintings
Kellianne O'Brien is talented self-taught artist. She began her art career in 1994, mentored by Mona Webb, a celebrated outsider artist who taught students in her home, the Wayhouse of Light, in Madison, Wisconsin. Artist’s painting and sculpture are born of a spirituality which derives from overcoming a very difficult past. In 1995 she began to ex...
[Nataliya] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 20th, January 2016]

Original Abstract and Surreal Drawings and Prints
I’m a self-representing original Bulgarian artist. My name is Alexandra Duhlinska. I was born in Pleven town, Bulgaria. I’ve graduated in bachelor degree Printmaking and Fine Art. I’ve graduated in 2010 in Veliko Turnovo town, Bulgaria. In “St St Cyril and Methodius” University, Faculty of Fine Art, Printmaking. I’m a member of the Union of Bulgari...
[Alexandra Duhlinska] - [Artist site] - [Monday 18th, January 2016]

Original Abstract and Surreal Drawings and Prints
I’m a self-representing original Bulgarian artist. My name is Alexandra Duhlinska. I'm very young artist! I was born in Pleven town, Bulgaria. I’ve graduated in bachelor degree Printmaking and Fine Art. I’ve graduated in 2010 in Veliko Turnovo town, Bulgaria. In “St St Cyril and Methodius” University, Faculty of Fine Art, Printmaking. I’m a member ...
[Alexandra Duhlinska] - [Artist site] - [Monday 18th, January 2016]

Marie-Claire Houmeau’s paintings 20074L6
Marie-Claire Houmeau started to paint more than 10 years ago. She has decided to change the career in order to totally devote herself to her art and to widely present her works to the public. The favorites themes of her watercolor works are always related to Nature and our environment. They are separated in different classes, like flowers, still li...
[Ann] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 13th, January 2016]

Caroline Favray’s paintings
Caroline Favray is pure self-taught painter, she always loved the decor and she has always had a penchant for art and culture. Her paintings are mostly intuitive: she paints in acrylics by including other structures, other products, leaving free rein to the colors, structures, different techniques, sizes, themes, textures... She likes the contact w...
[Alla] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 28th, December 2015]

Emerich Meerson’s paintings 1mfuOfq
Emerich Meerson, a French painter born in Germany, spent his childhood in Bulgaria during the Second World War. He lives and works in Paris. It's hard to classify Emerich Meerson in a particular school or trend, because of his abundant creativity and his constant pursuit of plastic expression. His Individuality is strong and recognizable in all his...
[Carla] - [Monday 21st, December 2015]

Eva Kudukhashvili's paintings
Eva Kudukhashvili was born in the small village Tsitelubani, Georgia in 1951. In 1987 she graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, under the tutelage of Edmund Kalandadze. Eva's personality is completely possessed by painting. And although she is an accomplished poet, painting is really what she lives for. From the time she r...
[Earl] - [Art Gallery] - [Sunday 13th, December 2015]

https:/ / orion1935.
Servus Ihr Vielen ... ... ehemaliger Maschinenbaungenieur für Bau-, Industrie- und Umweltschutz-Technik ... ich bin ein spätberufener Großvater mit fünf erwachsenen Enkelkindern ... erst im Ruhestand habe ich begonnen, mich künstlerisch zu betätigen ... nach mehreren Versuchen Stiess ich auf der Burg Hochosterwitz Auf eine Picasso-Ausstellung, ster...
[Edgar Plate] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 10th, December 2015]

Asbjorn Lonvig’s paintings 1R6SbEF
In high school Asbjorn Lonvig was crazy about art. He visited the New Carlsberg Glyptotek, a museum in Copenhagen with works of Picassos, Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne, Heni de Toulouse-Lautrec, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Vincent van Gogh.His artist statement is “Colorful Simplicity in art as in life”. What he does is colorfu...
[Sundy] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 7th, December 2015]

Our Challenged Planet
OUR CHALLENGED PLANET Berkeley Central Arts Passage, 2055 Center Street, (Theatre district , downtown Berkeley) Berkeley, California Harry Weisburd is exhbiting paintings concerning the California Drought. TOP ROW: Left side: Dry River Bed. Right side: River Under Bridge, 2011, Dry River Bed, Under Bridge, 2015. BOTTOM ROW: Left side:One Flower, cr...
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 25th, November 2015]

Nathalie Ragoust’s paintings 1SNy8t7
Nathalie Ragoust was born in Doullens in the Somme. She always liked paintings as long as she can remember. Her painting can be naive, sought, sometimes more technical. Every painting of Nathalie Ragoust is unique and full of strong energy, which you can feel just from the first look at it. The painting “The winter castle” depicts forest and castle...
[MJ] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 16th, November 2015]

Purificación Taboada‘s pintings
Although artistic concerns of Purificación Taboada emerged at an early age, her foray into the world of paintings was late. After making several specialized courses on painting, she decided to continue learning alone. Her paintings reflect her personality, intense and full of strength, and through them she tries to show her emotions. Her artistic i...
[Lily] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 28th, October 2015]

Chroniquart, le site des arts.
Chroniquart est un site crée en 2010 , qui répond à un besoin de visibilité sur le web, de la part des artistes en arts visuels. Il fait partie de la confrérie de services aux artistes, gratuits, offerts sur internet. Sur ce site, différentes rubriques sont offertes aux internautes. Des sujets généraux sur l'art, quelques pages traitant des courant...
[Martine Bouchard] - [Art site] - [Tuesday 20th, October 2015]

Martine Palisse’s paintings 1Mocqqq
Martine Palisse was born in 1949 and exhibit her work since 2003. After a period acrylic, now she prefers oil, its ritual and magic, using alternately knives, flat brushes, her fingers and "brushes 3 hairs ". Martine Palisse paintings evoke the viewer's admiration, striking a riot of colors and brightness. They really fascinate us, so you want bend...
[Alice] - [Monday 12th, October 2015]

Marie Christine Legeay’s paintings 1PMT0ic
Marie Christine Legeay was born in a small village in South Boischaut and now lives in the Loire river valley. She is self-educated painter since ten years and takes part in local regional and international exposures. About her paintings&hellip Wow, they are really soulful. Do you like flowers? But who does not like them ... in the painting "Vase ...
[NC] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 29th, September 2015]

Iris Grover’s paintings 1YygHkn
Iris Grover was born in Pemberton New Jersey in 1948. She began drawing at a very young age. Her love for life and the colors in nature helped refine her drawing and painting skills. Most of her work before now was done for churches. She now lives in Fla and spends most of her time between her animals and paintings. She is really talented, her pain...
[NC] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 22nd, September 2015]

Angelo Tremblay’s paintings 1Oy5X0V
Angelo Tremblay is really talented artist, his works are fascinating! The brightness of the colors, sharp sweeping strokes, free style of drawing - all this makes the works of the artist's unique and alive. He draws with the fingers, it is quite unusual, and the result is truly amazing. Undoubtedly, Angelo Tremblay is a bright landscape painter, ab...
[NC] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 16th, September 2015]

Thierry Ferrand on ArtsCad 1MUnLAq
Thierry Ferrand is a self-taught artists who devoted 22 years of his life to music, and only then opened his talent for painting. The media he uses is acrylic, but sometimes he experiments with cotton or linen. Thierry’s inspiration for painting were provoked by great public response at local exhibitions. It gave him desire to paint after a long st...
[Juliya] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 28th, July 2015]

Thierry Ferrand on ArtsCad 1MUnLAq
Thierry Ferrand is a self-taught artists who devoted 22 years of his life to music, and only then opened his talent for painting. The media he uses is acryl, but sometimes he experiments with cotton or linen. Thierry’s inspiration for painting were provoked by great public response at local exhibitions. It gave him desire to paint after a long stan...
[Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 28th, July 2015]

Rosi Garita 1LXYGas
Rosi Garita was born in Costa Rica and since 1987 she was living in Canada. She is both an artist and a published poet. Rosi Garita’s paintings look like extremely stylized portraits of women. Each figure is richly colored and romantically posed, like the subjects of Gustav Klimt. If you look closer you’ll find that the women’s bodies are actually ...
[JuliyaK] - [Art News] - [Thursday 9th, July 2015]

Anna Maria Crestoni at The International Art Biennale of Palermo 1IJ3D4Y
The International #Art Biennale of #Palermo, designed by Sandro #Serradifalco and organized by EA PUBLISHER took place from 11 to 25 February 2015. The #exhibition invited #international artists from abroad, some #Italian masters and the prestigious and exclusive exhibition of by Sandro Serradifalco. The organizers estimated over 9000 visitors for ...
[JuliyaK] - [Art News] - [Thursday 9th, July 2015]

dessin fantaisiste
je suis dessinateur numerique mes dessins sont imaginaires et fantaisiste mon site est mon petit musée tres coloré il contiens 11 pages de tres beau dessins et j adore dessiner en écoutant de la musique.
[bahloul] - [Artist site] - [Saturday 21st, February 2015]

Joy CALOC - Artiste Peintre
Joy CALOC : « L’Art Contemporain apporte une évolution à notre monde contemporain. » Avec de la Peinture à l’Huile et un fort caractère d’artiste contemporaine de style figuratif, elle définit son ART VELKRO comme : « L’Accroche d’une émotion, d’un sentiment, d’une vision ou d’une pensée à un cœur&hellip » Des Tableaux Beaux, Frais et Vivants. Je ...
[Joy CALOC] - [Art site] - [Monday 8th, December 2014]

Art Gallery
ART GALLERY Artiste with cotation on AKOUN and
[GALLAND Françoise] - [Site links] - [Sunday 23rd, November 2014]

Ikeda Manabu ist ein berühmter japanischer Künstler
Kunst ist ein Ergebnis der Phantasie des Künstlers. Heutige Kunstwerke verblüffen die Menschen nicht nur mit völlig neuem Stil und hellen Farben, sondern auch mit Größe und Gefühl. Ikeda Manabu ist ein berühmter japanischer Künstler, der Erfolg in Federhalter - Tinte auf Papier Malerei erreicht hat. Seine Kunstwerke sind ein echtes Wunder. Es ist e...
[ArtsCad Manager] - [Art News] - [Thursday 20th, November 2014]

Ikeda Manabu est un artiste japonais
L'Art procède de l'imaginaire de l'artiste. Certaines oeuvres aujourd'hui, stupéfient les gens non seulement par leur style nouveau et leurs couleurs vives mais aussi par leur taille et leur message. Ikeda Manabu est un artiste japonais de renom qui s'est fait une place de choix grâce à la technique encre et crayon sur papier. Ses tableaux sont un ...
[ArtsCad Manager] - [Art News] - [Thursday 20th, November 2014]

Ikeda Manabu is a famous Japanese artist
Art is a result of artist’s imagination. Today artworks astonish people not only with completely new style and bright colors but also with size and sense. Ikeda Manabu is a famous Japanese artist who achieved success in pen - ink on paper painting. His artworks are a real wonder. It is an enormous painting, which contains thousands of details. I th...
[ArtsCad Manager] - [Art News] - [Thursday 20th, November 2014]

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